International Orders

International Orders

Yes, we ship internationally. Please email me the parts you want to order and your shipping location.

It will cost you $10.00 USD for us to do an estimate. We will email you a PAYPAL Invoice for you to log in and pay with your credit card.

Reason: We have spent countless hours in the past year quoting international shipping charges with no sales as a result of our efforts. We considered eliminating international shipping all together because of this burden. We feel this is the fairest way to still offer our parts to over seas customers and still remain profitable.

Once the $10.00 is paid; we will get a quote on shipping to your country. We use the United States Postal Service to do this.
WeI will then email you an invoice through PAYPAL that will have your items and shipping charges attached. Click on the invoice to pay. Your credit card company will do the monetary exchange rate and may charge you other fees to do this. Once we've received payment, we will ship your order.